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September 27, 2007


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I have had experience not as an askee, but as someone who was going to quit. My employer asked if there was anything he could do to change my mind. I was quitting for a job that paid more, and said as much. So he gave me enough or a pay increase that I decided to stay. We both benefited from this, and I am still here after 3 years.

Although I don't think that demanding to be paid as much as a co-worker is a good tactic, I don't think that for example I should get into trouble for telling someone else how much I am paid. After all, my bank manager knows, why shouldn't I tell whoever I like.

What if the employee incurred the credit card debt in trying to start up a business (as opposed to buying big screen televisions) in order to escape their crummy job and difficult boss? Some would call that good judgment.

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