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September 01, 2007


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uh huh.

at the casino in our city (the largest in sthrn hempishpere) they change the CARPET every 6 weeks.

Oh, dear Lord. I come from a family of compulsive gamblers, but I did not know about this. I concentrate on keeping myself out of casinos, except to lose a pre-determined $10 on a cruise boat. That was my limit. I may have gotten "wet," but if so I would have blamed the ocean or the swimming pool, know.

That's just nasty! Another reason to stay out of casinos!

EEEWWWW. Yuck! I'm glad I don't find gambling appealing.

This must be the week of TMI (too much information). I'll never think of either a casino or a public mens room in quite the same way. :-/

gross, but c'mon. There's a reason they call it an "addiction" . . . just like the nasty sores you see all over meth heads (and the rotting teeth)... just like the tracks and HIV/AIDS epidemic amongst heroin addicts. Just like the drunken binges and diabolically destructive behavior of drunks (who also wet themselves in moments of inebriation). . . the nosebleeds of cokeheads. . . etc. Well, all are the earmarks of losing control and self-destruction. It's addiction. By definition, the people have lost all ability to behave rationally and adhere to even the most marginal of standards for personal hygiene. True, it's disgusting, troubling, sick... but, unheard of? Shocking? Surprising? A person has had a pretty sheltered/fortunate life if they've never encountered the lows an addict will go to.

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