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October 05, 2007


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How high fees should prevent child trafficking is beyond me. True, not every crook can adopt and then sell, but high fees are creating a market for child traffickers in the first place! If adoption was more or less free, the costs for the control of integrity of the adoptive parents (social workers, etc) could still be burdened, however, the exorbitant costs currently either lead to a lot of children living a worse life than they could or else to some children being stolen and sold to desparate adults that are tricked to believe they have found a cheaper agency.

Adoption fees are a scam. Children are being treated as a commodity when exorbitant prices are charged. The best way to prevent children from being sold is to make it worthless to deal in children. Any "agency" that claims that money curbs human trafficking is flat out lying. Put it this way. Why is there no illegal market for vacuum cleaner dust? Perhaps we can curb the practice of illegal sale of desert sands by charging millions of dollars a pound for the stuff. Oh wait... There is no market for desert sands... Hmmm wonder why?

My wife and I can not have children and would love to adopt but have ZERO chance of doing so because we can not afford even $2,000 much less $30,000. Sure we could get a handicapped child for less but I do not want a child that has downs syndrome, is drug addicted or not of the same race. We want to sped time with many children, get to know them and pick the one(s) that are right for us and best fit with us as people.

Facts are the facts. Adoption agencies are child brokers. Just because you make the "perspective parents" jump through more hoops does not mean the child or new parents are on the winning end of the game. If the true goal was child wale fare then money would not be an issue.

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