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October 18, 2007


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It seems young people bringing mommy or daddy to interviews is getting worse. No doubt they are writing their resumes for them, too. Parents today seem to be overparenting. These kids can't function without their mom's help. I don't know why this is, but kids just seem totally helpless. I went to check my mail the other morning (our boxes are at the end of the street), and when I got out of my car the kid walking to school on the sidewalk flipped out and started sprinting away, terrified.

Okay, maybe I'm just extra scary-looking, but it just amazes me how helpless and coddled kids are. Many parents I know don't let their kids go outside if its too hot, raining, too cold, dusk - well, any excuse really. Gotta be home playing video games in view of mom & dad at all times. I see kids on the corner waiting for a school bus (middle school aged kids here) and several moms are either on the other corner, watching them, or sitting in their SUVs several yards behind watching them. 13 year olds with babysitters. I could go on.

I really always thought that the whole idea of parenting was to prepare them to function on their own. Maybe I'm wrong.

Oh dear god, that was hilarious. My restaurant has been hiring lately and one of the potential hires came in, had an interview, was told we'd give him a call, CAME BACK two hours later and was repeated to that we would give him a call... CAME BACK that night.

Needless to say, he didn't get the job.

If the teddy bear one was applying to be a nurse or attendant in an newborn care unit or perhaps a daycare which focused on preschoolers, I could kinda see that. I have a cousin who teaches elementary school and she has a version of her (not her only) resume with bright colored letters on top and a sun or something.

In defense of young people, while many of us are awkward interviewers, I don't know a single person who'd bring their parent or have their parents write a letter. Oh, there was one freshman roommate who had her mom check over all her papers...but it seemed like she grew out of it by sophomore year.

(Chris - When I was young I was always outside running around. However, with all the sicko's we have nowadays, it's hard to let you kids that far out of sight.)

Those are hilarious, I can't believe someone would actually bring their parents. LOL!

While funny, and I have read some of these before, what someone needs to do is put together a list of the jerk behavior from the people giving the interviews. While most of interviews over the years were professional, there were some where I would never, ever, want to work with those people. Stupid, ignorant, and sometimes just bizare behavior by the people looking for someone to work for them. It truly goes both ways.

When I was in corporate America, I used to handle a lot of hiring. All I have to say is people are completely absurd when it comes to resumes. I had one guy who had a stellar resume: harvard undergrad, columbia grad, 2 years at Lehman brothers, the list goes on. When we did a background check, he actually went to community college and worked at Kinko's for 3 years HAHA

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