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October 03, 2007


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I love Disney. I went there several times as a kid, teen, and in college. My mom would buy the Disney Guide and create special books for each of us with games and activities, and advice. My brothers and cousins on one trip, planned out their whole day using the tips on when to go to what ride etc. I think they ended up seeing everything they wanted to and in good time and that was during the busy season. So I definitely agree about getting the unofficial guide.

I am really bummed for you that the Rock-in Roller Coaster was out, that is one of the greatest!

Oh, now I want to go there :(

I live in Tampa, and I usually buy a Florida Resident's season ticket for me and my wife. If you get the park hopper tickets and can afford a decent dinner, here's what I suggest. Go to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom or MGM during the day, then go to Epcot at around 5:00 in the evening. If you want to save a few dollars, there is a free parking lot across the street from Disney Boardwalk and you can walk from the boardwalk to the rear entrance of Epcot. The restaurants in Epcot's World Showcase are very good, don't believe what anyone tells you until you try them. You'll spend more than you will at Friendly's, but it really is an outstanding experience. The ones I don't care for as much are in Mexico and China because you can get the same stuff anywhwere, and in Denmark because I'm not fond of herring. Japan is my favorite. Anyway, great food, try as many of the countries as you have time for, and then stay for the fireworks. The Epcot fireworks display is the best you'll see anywhere. My wife and I will once a month drive over to Epcot, get there at around 4:00 or 5:00, walk around the World Showcase until dinner time, eat a fantastic meal, watch the fireworks and be home by 11:00 pm. See the Magic Kingdom's fireworks one night, it's pretty good, but spend the rest of your evenings at Epcot. If you schedule dinner at the right time in the castle at Magic Kingdom, you can watch the fireworks through that big window from your table.

One more thing: when you're walking from the front of Epcot to the World Showcase there is a gift shop at the lake. Mexico is to your left and Canada is to your right. Behind this gift shop is the best place to see the fireworks. Trust me.

Great tips! My family and I are going to Disneyland in December for my son's 3rd birthday. While I'm not sure it's off-peak, I have heard that it's pretty slow there at the beginning of December (before the xmas rush). So, we'll review your tips before we go. We're planning for it now.

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