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October 23, 2007


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I have been a Citi Card carrier for going on 6-7 years and typically pay my bill on time [used the card to carry a balance for education].

My question to the forum is....Has anyone used the Sharebuilder rewards card and has anyone had any success with a card simular to Sharebuilder that gives 1% back into your brokerage account?

God post! Credit cards and how they work is so key to the world we live in.

Using the CC's that maximize your potential returns based on your spending habits is key. For example, I recently switched to using an Amazon Card for all my personal purchases because my normal purchasing habit is to buy almost everything I need through Amazon. Books, games, CDs, software... everything. Since I don't carry a balance on the card I manage to earn a $25 gift card on a monthly basis that I can spend on things I was going to buy anyway. And with their usually low prices, no shipping charges and no taxes on anything I buy, I sometimes feel like I shouldn't keep the $25 gift card.

But then again, there is that new XBox 360 game I've had my eye on... ;-)

Zook --

I haven't used that particular card, but a 1% return is pretty low.

I use the Sharebuilder one. I like it, because I don't spend that much before you earn something, it is simple, and it is cumulative. Once you have charged $2500, they deposit $25 in you account. No vouchers to deal with, etc.

Thanks Kelly...

FMF....I guess 1% is low... I just like that it is sent not in a gift card or anything to painful. The sharebuilder card doesn't have any yearly fee and its on all purchases with no silly requirements.

I must admit, I am new to this whole reward card strategy. I'll continue to learn and hopefully pull the trigger soon to get something back :o)

Oh, and if you would really rather spend the $ than invest it, you can transfer it right out of the Sharebuilder Money Market Account into your checking account without any kind of fee. I prefer to let it accumulate in the account and then invest it in an index fund once I have accumulated $250 in the account. Good luck!

Great article. The other thing you should watch out for are cash back rewards programs that have a bunch of rules and regulations. Hello! Can anyone say frequent flier miles that can RARELY be redeemed.

I got my credit card through Lifespring Health. It's a visa. I'm a fitness nut and if you go on this website you get rewards points by using the card (can also shop online and get points!)

The rewards go to health and/or fitness services/products. All you have to do is turn in your receipt. I've used it for gym memberships, messages, medicine, dr. name it. PERFECTO for the fitness nut!

Check it out. It's a gem!

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