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October 16, 2007


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Unfortunately, there are several things on that list I don't do (workouts, eating healthy, take time to relax, yoga)...

Regarding meditation, have you tried meditating on a Bible verse or two? Rather than emptying your mind, as transcendental meditation suggests, this fills your mind with what is "excellent, pure, and lovely". Pick a verse or two, and read it over and over; emphasize each word in turn and think about what it means. Try paraphrasing the verse in your own words. After just a few minutes, you'll find that you have a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject than you did before. And I find it relaxing, too.

Anitra --

Yes, I've done that often. But since that wasn't what they were advising, I commented on their meaning of meditation.

Know who says Yoga extends your life expectancy? Unemployed yoga instructors.

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