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October 06, 2007


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Your link does not work! You get a boring 404 page.

It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out.

I'm kinda old school too, but I agree with Smart Money that it's time to retire the term "retirement."

At work I get to read a bunch of financial magazines (I get to take them home to read, as long as I return them) and I've seen ads from Genworth Financial. The ads feature 101-year-old people with success stories which make me wonder when I run calculations in my head based on the story.

Like a guy who - if my math was correct - bought his first plane when he was in his mid-20s, and the woman who bought a home when she was 21. How many people do you know buying homes at 21 How many women were buying homes at 21, 80 years ago? (Okay, my high school girlfriend came into a ton of money when she turned 18, and the first thing she did was buy a home on the Jersey Shore. Zillow tells me her house is now worth $1.5 million. Wow. But hardly typical.)

So I figure the stories are atypical and these people didn't exactly need Genworth to get where they are today.

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