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October 26, 2007


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Good friends of mine, moving from West to East, purchased a covered trailer to carry all of their belongings behind them. Arriving at their destination, they were able to unload all of their stuff at their leisure, thereafter selling the nearly-new trailer for more than they paid for it! Even with any additional, short-term insurance costs, they came out pretty well at the end of their moving adventure.

We moved from NC to TX ourselves. We rented a penske truck because UHAUL is terrible. Infact, when I went did I search for Uhaul, I found His story was very similar to an experience I had moving from NY to NC with Uhaul. Unlike him, I had a large corporation as a customer's of theirs behind me, so I got my truck.

I found penske offered AAA discounts and even found their online box store the cheapest despite the fact they were delivering the boxes via UPS. I agree that you should attempt to find free boxes when possible. When the move is cross country, I think it is best to purchase new boxes with structural integrity. Given that - check craigslist. People are always offering free boxes after a move. Unfortunately we kept some of the boxes and threw out the rest. Had I known about craigslist at the time I would have had no problem offering them to someone for free.

What you move should vary with the distance you are moving it. Across country you should only move antiques, heirlooms, irreplaceables, precious items, personal papers and photos, and clothing. Lesser distances, it becomes worthwhile to transport less valuable items, but low value density objects such as ordinary furniture and household supplies are not worth transporting far. Better to sell and buy new there.

Grocery stores have a huge number of boxes in great condition.

Just take a walk through the aisles around 10pm-- when most stores restock, and ask for a few boxes. I've never been turned down.

nice advice on moving...makes me rethink on the moving bit....suddenly this place and job seem a lot more attractive [ no need of moving out for whatsoever reason! ]
this is what i gather from the discussion above:

1. professional movers are too costly
2. even if u pay them, u might end with less than satisfactory service! :-(
3. its much cheaper [ obviously!! ] to pack and ship on your own.

here r my two bits:

1. Get sensitive items like bulky electronics and delicate furniture packed and transported by professionals because it simply ain't worth the time, risk and effort to do it yourself!
2. See if u can share a truck with someone moving to the same place [or nearby] to where u plan to go
3. Plan your move well in advance so that u are not overwhelmed by the packing load and have enough time to arrange for the packing materials for free! help from friends and associates.
4. Ask your transportation company if they would either you or your spouse to travel along with your belongings. That would save time, ensure safety of valuable goods, remove cost of insuring them plus save one of u the cost of a ticket!

If you're doing a cross-country move, a good option between doing it entirely yourself by renting a truck and hiring full service professional movers is to rent shipping containers like PODS or ReloCubes. It does tend to be more expensive than renting a truck, but FAR less expensive than hiring professionals.

They let you take your time loading and unloading, and you don't have to drive a big truck hundreds of miles.

I like the rubbermaid container idea too, especially if you get the clear ones. They are very useful in your new home.

Websites like can be very useful for getting discounts on moving home :)

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