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October 07, 2007


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I think you are really reaching here in order to support your viewpoint.

I know this feeling very well. Having had 20+ creditors calling me asking for money is a lot more of a burden than having just 5 creditors calling me asking for money. I don't think your really reaching here to support God's viewpoint. I just can't wait for the day I'm calling my investments to see where they are at.

Well put Nickel,
You lay out two good points of why Biblical finance is different than everyone else's way. The slavery of debt and the stewardship principle are just two things that God says about our finances that are often different than conventional advice.

I would like to propose a challenge to Mr. FMF!
FMF, can you find any verses in scripture that OPPOSE Mr. Ramsey's advise?

Because you know what they say: the eyes find what they are looking for, and what they are looking for is what is already in the mind. So, it is easy to fall victim to "selective perception," when the things that support our views seem to jump out at us while things that don't quite fit tend to slip our attention or be disregarded as "too confusing".

So? Could you do that? Search the bible for verses that advises something OTHER than the debt approach that Mr. Ramsey suggests?

Hi all (ChristianPF in particular),

I just wanted to point out that the quoted comment isn't from me. Rather, it's a comment that a reader posted on my site.

Thanks for the link, FMF.

Cheers, nickel

I think Ramsey makes a lot of sense and fits well into the Christian picture on why one shouldn't be in debt. I wonder, sometimes, about his views on wealth and how Christian they are. It's great that he proposes giving lots away, I'm just not sure if he goes as far as I think the message calls us to. But then, I'm coming at it from a certain perspective within Christianity. I'll be posting sometime this week (I hope) about my thoughts on his Total Money Makeover.

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