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October 06, 2007

Welcome ProBlogger Readers

Just wanted to say "welcome" to all the ProBlogger readers visiting Free Money Finance. Thanks for stopping by! Here's a short tour of this blog so you have a sense of what I write about.

Free Money Finance is a blog devoted to helping readers grow their net worths. I post 5-6 times a day on weekdays and once each day on Saturday and Sunday covering all areas of personal finance. It's free to read (of course) and you can easily subscribe by clicking this link. This blog is also unique in that all revenue generated from it is given to charity.

The left and right columns are your keys to all sorts of information. I currently have over 4,500 articles posted and they're all accessible through various avenues in these columns. For instance, using the columns you can:

  • Find some of my best articles on various subjects (see the "Best of FMF" link)
  • View all my posts on various topics (see the "Categories" section in the right column)

Or, you may just want to check out a few articles. Here are some I recommend:

No matter what you visit here at Free Money Finance, I hope you find it helpful. That's what this blog and its community of readers is about -- working together to grow our net worths. Thanks for visiting -- I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

And if you'd like to subscribe to this blog, here's the feed you can put into your RSS reader. Or simply click on any of the icons near the bottom left of this page to subscribe via Yahoo, Google, Newsgator, Bloglines, and the like.

Thanks again for visiting!


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that was an amazing donation to darren's movember campaign! I am guessing you will get some decent traffic off it as well.

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