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October 01, 2007


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1. Mr. Micah
2. My faith
3. My quilting
4. My writing/thinking
5. My friends
6. Snuggling
7. Sleeping

That's off the top of my head.


I take great pleasure in spending time, laughing and talking with my adult daughters.

I love being out-of-doors; in fact, I often wish that I could bring the sky into my apartment.

Walking and exercising daily


Cooking, especially at the holidays

Listening to interesting people from many walks of life

Creating art from recyclable items

As an atheist, I'd say that its not faith in itself that's being described, but purpose. People can find purpose in religious faith and they can find purpose without it.

Things that make life worth living

Books and other mental travel.

Great post , recently i was ready to hang my self , my ex stole all my money and my kid only thing i had left to live fore , got a bill from the IRS saying i owe more than i have left !

-Not being an Atheist, I'll pray for you SID!

I heard a financial lecturer on television several years ago say that "money problems are not real problems, real problems are when your child has a terminal illness,..." I agree wholeheartedly and while this blog is beneficial and wonderful, I count my blessings where they really count. It is the people in our lives that matter, this money thing is secondary.

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