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October 26, 2007


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Great to hear. I've been using a Google Spreadsheet for awhile, before that Excel. I love it because I can access it from multiple computers, but I can only do so much. I'd love to play with something new to see if I could benefit.

Thanks for the giveaways.

I wanna win!

I've wanted to try Quicken- I don't really use a formal spreadsheet program to track expenses, although I know I should...

3rd time has to be a charm :)

I gotta lucky feeling about this.

Pick me, pick me!! My version of Money is getting long in the tooth & keeps telling me its time to upgrade.

oh me

is it for mac or Windows? Well, it does not matter.

Pick me!

Thanks for the opportunity to win Quicken. That would be terrific.

By the way -- great blog. You are a "must read" in my RSS feed. Thanks again!

I could sure use an updated version of Quicken.

So am I feeling lucky?

Still using '05. Would love to have an updated copy. Winning it would make it that much sweeter.

Using '05. Count me in for an upgrade.

Need to upgrade my copy of Quicken 2004. This would save me a bit of money...

This would be an excellent tool for my debt crushing mission... me, please.

I just know today is my lucky day!!!!

I need it! Thanks!

I'm going to upgrade soon, but saving the cash would be awesome. BTW, love your site.

This time I really really hope to win. Thanks a lot.

I'd really like to win this. Please pick me!

Let's give it a try!

I love your site!

I would love to win this!

Here's to hoping...

Hope luck is on my side today.


Thanks for the opportunity to win a great tool. I would love to win this prize as I have no formal way of tracking expenses, am in debt up to my eyeballs, and have a wife who loves to spend money and feels fully justified in doing so because she contributes to half of the household income. Yea!!!

Interesting. I did not win the last giveaway, so this would be really nice. I'm an avid reader of your blog now because of these giveaways, your schtick has really worked on me with these giveaways ;) Thanks for all the quality content, i've learned quite a bit. Winning is fun :)

That's just what I need!

Oh man, I am so far in debt I cant afford to buy a copy. But you can help me! I need you to help me get my money in order with a FREE copy of Quicken!

Quicken '08 would be useful. Free Quicken '08 would be awesome!

Trying again. Hoping to get to use the latest version of Quicken.

They say the lottery is the poor man's tax. So does that make this lottery the frugal man's tax??? ;)

It is great that you are giving away such a great tool. I am gradually trying to organize my finances efficiently and quicken would help that immensly.
Thanks for all your advise (free!!)

Keeping my fingers crossed - this would be wonderful to start off my new budget and keep track of my expenses.

Oh! great soothsayer please reward thee with a copy of Quicken 2008, So that I too may gain some of thy great knowledge and foresight.

I'm In!

throw me in the mix.

Ok, if I don't win this time, I'm just going to have to break down and buy the upgrade I guess.

I'd be happy to take a copy off your hands! Thanks for the opportunity.

I used quicken once and thought it was a good product. I'd like to see what features it now has.

I would like to give Quicken a try...

I would like to give Quicken a try...

I'd love to win a copy of Quicken.

I would like to give Quicken a try...

I love quicken!!!!

Me please!

I'll take the Quicken!

I'd certainly like to upgrade my Quicken for free!!! Thanks for the chance.

I love Quicken. The best things in live are FREE!!

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