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October 26, 2007


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I Love Quicken! Hope I win!!

Keeping my fingers crossed - this would be wonderful to start off my new budget, control my irresponsible spending by keeping track of my purchases, impulse buying and expenses. Thanks

I love Quicken

I lost $16K on my house yesterday :( Have mercy?

I promise I'll invest an amount equivalent to the MSRP of Quicken into my high-yield savings account. So pick me!

I hope I win. This will be the first time I win anything.

Here's another try for free Quicken!

I hope I win.

Free stuff again!

Please help out a fellow Michigander!

My mom said I sohuld win :)

I really need to upgrade from Quicken 2005.

I used Quicken years ago and loved it. Moved to MS money and got caught up in all the bells and whistles. Gave it all up for Excel and things went down hill fast.

Due to an addition error my wife and I just bounced some checks to the tune of $192.00! AAAAGGHHH!

I've never had Quicken but need it to straighten out all my mess. Plus, get several years back taxes straightened out in order to file them before they come take me away. (No joke)

I'd like to compare Quicken to Money, so winning would help.

Here's hoping I win.

I'm losing track of days, can Quicken help with that too? I'm sure I could use it for the family finances. Thanks for the contest, great site. Good information :-)

I wanna win!

I wanna win!

Quicken is the best!

No whammies!

mom with 3 kids, college on down. anything free would be a big help!:)

i fancy my chances......

Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunities:)

Hoping to win Quicken! :)

i NEVER EVER win any sort of giveaway. lol but I always try. who knows maybe for once I will win something? :) I would really like to try quicken. maybe it will motivate me to get my finances organized.

I'm in!

I wouldn't mind trying out Quicken. Thanks.

I've never used money managing software... maybe today will be my lucky day. ;)

I'd love to try it. Pick me!

I'd be honored to get a copy of Quicken.

Hi there! I'd love a free copy of Q2008! I have been buying the updated version every other year.

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Matt Gibson who posted at 12:34 pm on October 126. Congrats!

Matt, please email me (see: ) and we'll arrange to get you your prize.

The rest of you can stay tuned -- there will be another free Quicken giveaway announced later this week!

Using '03. Before that used '98 (I think) for years. Ready to upgrade.

Congrats, Matt.

I sure would like to put this to use...

I sure would like to put this to use...

I sure would like to put this to use...

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