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November 23, 2007


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Happy Black Friday : )

I dropped by the stores and there were a bunch of people waiting in line paying. It's amazing that people are so anxious to spend their money.

I wouldn't be caught dead any where near a store today. I've never understood the shopping mania and believe it is mostly because of media hype that people get so worked up about it. I've done all of my Christams shopping online for the past four years and will do so again this year. I have found that there are just as many good deals to be had without the bother of dealing with the crowds and hysteria.

I actually woke up early and went to a few stores with a buddy of mine. We had no intention to buy anything and all we did was watch all the people scramble and cracked jokes to whoever would listen. Most of the customers thought we were funny but most of the employees were none too amused. My question is: what's worse people who wake up early to stand in line to save money, but fraustrate and stress themselves out, or people like me who wake up early don't stand in line, make fun of the people who are there acting crazy and start their day with a smile on their face?

What would one put in a financial emergency kit?

Great list. I competely agree with the cash back rewards. I think a lot of people don't realize how much you can get back with all of your holiday spending.

I bought a flat screen LCD online Thursday morning on for the same price the people freezing their butts off in line Friday paid. Online shopping is the way to go!

For me the 10 Things Better than Shopping Today are the following:
1. Surf in the internet regarding things like Steps to Financial Independence.
2. Rather than doing the actual shopping, do window shopping to compare prices of stuffs that you like to buy including the quality and other aspects as to contents, fibers, strengths and expiry periods. This way you will save a lot since you can benchmark the things you like to buy.
3. Do paintings either landscape or simply scenery.
4. Write books on financial matters and those that pertains to management of investments.
5. If you have not prepared your bank reconciliation statements for a year or any periods for that matter, you better prepare one before the banks will raised their red flags on you for issuing NSF checks to your stakeholders.
6. Read books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill or How to Get Rich by Paul Getty you will be amused on acquiring financial wisdom from these business wizards.
7. Unclog your credit cards by updating and paying your overdue accounts before furthering your shopping. Remember to live like a lender and not a borrower.
8. Dream of big dreams. Everything starts with a dream. According to Ralf Waldo Emerson: " Desire is sweeter than fulfillment."
9. Take time to pray. Remember that Christ would like us to be just his friend so that your prayers could be personal as if you are just talking to Him. Prayer is one mode of healing our wounds because God would always remind us that you are His son and all our sins has been forgiven. So draw back to God and He will draw back to you.
10. Give. Give all to life what you've got, be all what you can be in this world. Subdue this earth according to the Bible. The more you give, the more you become rich. Love people and use money and never do the reverse. These are the ten things you can do which I believe is better than squandering your money in shopping.

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