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November 06, 2007


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I think that if I have time (or the functioning left-hemesphere) to learn the ins and outs of different types of investing strategies, then good for me, otherwise a financial adviser (chosen based on personal recommendations) is better than no strategy at all.

Not everyone who got enough patience to dilligently send whatever % of the payched to a savings account each month can tully make sense of the pile of book on stocks, bonds, funds, etc.

I personally never used a planner, but had I felt like my finances actually need some planning beyond what I can provide, I would not hesitate to start looking for recommendations.

I am not a business major (although I considered it). I have completely different interests and obsessions to take care of. I believe that I have better things to do with my days than shifting through 300000 books and Intenet articles on stocks just to decide what my ration of which bonds to which stocks (not that I actively invest in stocks) might possibly be.

That would be my take.

Peter Navarro was one of my professors at UCI when I was going through the Fully Employed MBA program ('04). His macro-econ class was one of the best I had during those three years.

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