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November 05, 2007


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I would never go for that deal because of all the things you listed above! I think some people are just getting a tad silly...

Like you said, if you want to sell your home, price it right.

For Sale: 4 bedroom house, recently remodeled kitchen, nice views, previous owners not leaving, minor sponge bath duty required.

It sells itself!

Why don't they just lower the price of the house if they want it to sell? I'm lost.

This reminds me of an NPR story I heard on September 28th on This American Life. A woman bought a house at a $110k discount with the condition that she would live only in the upstairs apartment until the current aging/ill owner living in the rest of the house dies. It is both a fascinating and horrible story of why I would never go for an arrangement like this. Money is important, but not at the sacrifice of living one's life.

If interested, you can check out the podcast (Act 3- Deal of a Lifetime, about 30 minutes into the podcast) at

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