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November 19, 2007


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Somehow I doubt the best hamburger flipper in the world has a huge financial advantage over the worst hamburger flipper.

Flipper --

Probably not. But if that's your "career", you may want to read my other thoughts on managing your career. There are probably some ideas there that will get your career jump started.

The best pancake flipper, that I have seen, owned the place!
The best hamburger flipper, that my Grandma babysat for, owned 3 Burger Kings....He started out flipping burgers, early in his life.

When it comes to clothes, I take my cue from bosses. Then I try to find my own style within that tier of professionalism.

So at a library I dressed casually (though no t-shirts or jeans or sneakers). At this job I dress somewhere between business professional and business casual. I tend to wear a suit.

And at my next job, it'll probably be knit tops and black slacks. (at least, that's what the ladies I observed were wearing).

Nah, I've already blown my career, and now I'm too old and unadvanced to be taken seriously by an employer for a good job.

I'm one of those bedsitter people who look back and lament, another day's useless energy spent.

Yes, this is a very valid post.

We must work towards creating a brand for ourselves.

And I believe that the brand we seek for ourselves should be for "trustworthiness and dependability."

Technical skills, unless you are the Grand Kahuna of finding the 17th root of a 2 million, integer, can always be taught or learnt.


awesome hamburger flipper ---cry me a river. wah wah wah


I dunno about your logic ...I was the best latte jock at my go-nowhere job, and I didn't make a million, but I got great tips! And then more responsibility, so more $$. Again, not a million, but better than where I started. :)

And I would pay good money for an awesome burger, cause you sure can't find them in my end of vegantown, lol.

Awesome Hamburger Flipper sounds like Minimum Wage in disguise!

Also, the people that tend to market themselves usually do less actual work than their co-workers who don't market themselves. It usually ends up the marketers are promoted and delegate their work to their former peers.

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