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November 15, 2007


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I am a balloon artist (clown), an event entertainer. Being that I am based in Miami, FL, I am invited on free cruises all the time (me + one companion for FREE) providing I entertain a certain number of hours each day. Right now, I can't go because of my family situation. But some day I might be able to go. But, if I decide to go, I would only go on a cruise that pays me in addition to a free cruise. Free cruise is not enough of an incentive for me.

FMF, I didn't look into this because I can't go, but if you are really interested, you could look around for an agency that books educators on ships. Your blog would qualify you as a personal finance expert, but you would need a demo tape.

I've known folks that do this. My brother not only gets free cruises, but he gets paid to be on board. He just happens to be out to sea for 5 months at a time and has to work 3 hours every night...oh, wait, he's an actual employee. Heheh.

My wife and I are going to try to get on one my brother's ships while he's still sailing. Back in the late 90s he played piano on a cruise ship and I never found the time before he started playing land side.

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