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November 15, 2007


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don't forget if you call in "sick" for your internship make sure you post the drunken photos to your social network, especially if your boss on your "in" list. :-)

I am working in the entertainment industry right now and I can safely say that I would NOT have the job that I have if I had not interned.

Throughout college I held several, often unpaid, internships at various production companies, studios, and networks. I am now working for one of the companies that I interned for.

I think that I learned more about the entertainment industry through my internships than I ever learned in film school - and I am certainly further along in my career than many of the people that I went to school with who didn't intern.

By the way, I have been reading your website for a while, and have never posted until now - but I have learned several personal finance through reading your blog.

I was not able to get any summer internships in college - thankfully, I discovered through my classes that I was in the wrong major. My school did offer some other ways to get real-world experience, which helped.

I did get an "internship" after my fourth year, which turned into a "real" job once I finished my two remaining classes in the fall.

I think a lot of students who don't stand out from the pack (not the top of their class, small/unknown school) have a hard time getting internships - especially if they are feeling a monetary squeeze. I know that I needed to make enough money each summer to cover all my expenses other than tuition and rent.

Intern as early as possible since they are usually for little to no pay. It's much harder to do an internship when you really need to start supporting yourself or others financially.

My school had a mandatory co-op (internship) program for all engineering degrees. We had to complete at least five 10-week blocks while in school for a total of five years. I definitely agree with #5. In school I loved digital design and swore that I'd go into that line of business. I spent 4/5 blocks at intel and hated it. If I hadn't had the chance to co-op there, I probably would have ended up working there and being miserable.

Apparently, the internship scene in New Zealand can be quite crappy if this article is anything to go by:

Because there is more supply than there is demand, interns are getting exploited left and right. I understand that you've gotta pay your dues, but be careful to not sell your soul.

I still believe in internships though -- I was lucky to have positive experiences as an intern and it led me to my first job straight out of university.

I've done a couple of internships and a couple of summer jobs, and they've all been great experiences. Even the ones I didn't enjoy were great, because they helped me figure out what I didn't want to do. Having work experience not only improves your resume, it gives you something to talk about if you get an interview. Also, some industries use internships as a way to test out potential employees before hiring them, so it's the best way to get your foot in the door.

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