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November 29, 2007


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I researched this quite a bit - after I started working on a MBA. I came up with the same results as you - maybe. However, it's a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of misery for a maybe. I decided to forgo the graduate degree and focus on working hard at my current job. Especially at my company - they don't seem to value MBA's very much. Who knows what could happen though? I just try to the best decision I can with the information I have available.

Depends on the industry you work in, or where you live. I live and work in Washington DC. This city has a large number of people with graduate degrees competing for a small number of jobs in niche fields. And they're mostly government jobs, so the pay isn't all that impressive. That said, people are in niche fields for a reason, and the competition is too fierce to get ahead without a grad degree.

I agree with Dan. It depends on your field. In ministry, if you want to stay in the parish level you are fine with a BA or even less. But even there more and more churches are requiring advanced degrees. If you want to work in campus ministry or be a professor, definitely need a masters or higher. Some make it without a degree, but that is the exception. I don't expect to make much more money once I get my degree, (although I will ask for it, and/or my boss will probably just give me a raise once I've gotten my masters) but I do plan on eventually going for a doctorate and working at a larger scale than I am now. It's all so dependant on where you are, and where you want to go...

I am surprised that she mentioned that only 5th of graduate students get fellowships and assistantships. I thought teaching assistantships are relatively easy to get, at least in big schools and in science/engineering. Is it that some students are simply unaware of it or aren't considering it when choosing a university?

Graduate assistantships are actually very difficult to get and you will usually be informed of your eligibility when you are accepted to a program. They are more common in elite schools where ticket cost is upward of $40,000. Even in higher eduction America is shifting to a system where the student must incur most or all of the cost of their education.

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