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November 06, 2007


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Thanks for sharing. Always interesting to me to see how others make a living doing non-traditional things.

Thanks for the great article. When I clicked on the Qualatex link an error came up, it looks like you have part of two different URLs together.

I used to make some money part-time as a juggler. It took many hours of practice to get a solid routine I could perform regularly.

While it was nice to be able to charge $300 + for a half hour show, there was a lot that went into that. Not to mention the travel to and from (built into the rate) and the time spent setting up and tearing down. All in all, that $300 was really for about 3 hours of work. Still $100 an hour is pretty sweet though.

However, even living in the Chicago area it takes time to get a steady flow of gigs lined up. There's not exactly people beating down your door. That said, I do have several friend who still do this for a living. It does involve a lot of travel nationwide though.

Wouldn't mind doing some more paid gigs nowadays, just need to practice more again.

Sue --

Thanks. I fixed it.

Doesn't sound that tough to start it... However, putting in all that time at charities may be hard but it would pay off in two ways; getting future business and making others happy.

I would just love a job like that where I can claim only half my earnings (if that) since the government is stealing my Social Security contributions!

Does anyone understand what postie Beastlike means by saying 'where I can claim only half my earnings?'

It never occur to me to claim only a half of my earnings.. It is not what it is all about!!! I think he missed the point of my article.

I also know a couple of professional clowns who were caught by IRS claiming half of their earnings and paid fines, penalties and back taxes. It is very easy to catch. My 0.2 cents: Don't try to under report your earnings you are almost guarantee to be caught.

Grrrr, I had an article 80% completed about your site, Irina. I thought it would be a nice surprise since you come to my site and comment from time to time. I've got another idea though, and I think you might even get more readers than if I did my post :-).

Hello. Thanks so much for the informative article.

I have many spread talents and it gets hard to focus on one. One of them is balloon twisting. I love making kids smile. I was searching for more information on this and I am glad to have found this article.

I liked your statment about being a Doctor and could make more money being a clown. I have been a auto repaier for 40 years and now having more fun being Santa Clause. Finaley found my calling and all so wanting to be a ballon clown.

I would like to do clowning for children's parties. Do I need to get a license? Do I need insurance? How do I do taxes-do I deduct expenses and add earnings at the end of the year? So many things to think about! Does it really pay with the gas,taxes,insurance,and expenses? I live in the country outside a small town. There are no clowns listed in yellow pages. Thanks

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