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November 30, 2007


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I think the headline "26% more" might be overly dramatic. More telling is that his overall percentage went from 1.2% to 1.5%.

That's hardly an earth-shattering accomplishment when you consider that we've identified a single card rebating 2% on everything (Orchard/HSBC) at even the lowest levels of spending, and how substantially higher yields are possible with a multi-card strategy.

Note for Costco Amex cardholders: There's an offer rebating 3% on everything purchased online during December on that card. A friend got a postcard and mentioned it to me. I didn't get a postcard (or it got tossed), but called and they were happy to signed up. My holiday shopping starts at midnight tonight!

Yes I suppose "reader saves an additional 0.3%" or "reader saves $7" were less dramatic.

Mel and Jake --

1. Yes, the headline is over-the-top. So?

2. 26% is the way the writer referred to it, so I did too.

3. Yes, he "only" saved $7 more -- but that was in one month. Multiply that by 12 months, and we're now talking an extra $84 a year. Not bad. Combine that with the Amex/Chase strategies we've talked about before, and he'll easily be over $100 more in a year. That's certainly worth being excited about.

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