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November 14, 2007


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We did some sealing last year and it made a big difference in how quickly the house would warm and cool. We also started opening the blinds on our southward facing windows during the day in the winter and closing them in summer. It was unreal the amount of heat six foot windows would generate in winter.

Check your owners manual on your water heater prior to installing the insulation blanket. Some recommend not having one (not sure why, maybe fire hazard of some kind?). One litmus test is to put your hand on the outside of the water heater and see if it feels warm. If it does then it is obviously losing heat and insulation is a good idea. If not, it may not be worth the expense and time. Most new water heaters are pretty efficient. The ROI of buying a new one if yours is 1997 or older is probably pretty good.

if you don't want to seal the door, there's the "draft dodgers" you can put at the bottom (they're just a big tube filled w/sand or cat litter, if you wanted to DIY it.)

Also try calling your utility company about an energy audit. My local utility does them for free and one of the things they did was put a blanket on our water heater at no charge.

Any one have anything to say about Home Alarm systems?
Are they worth the money?
We live in a safe area but were approached by guy from ADT.

Seems expensive, but is it worth it?

Responses please!

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