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November 15, 2007


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I don't get the insulation/power strip connection either, but by "smart power strip" I think (or hope) they are referring to the kind that detect power consumption on the primary outlet to kill/enable the power on the secondary outlets.

So, if you only use your monitor/speakers/printer/usb drive when your computer is on, it will automatically kill the power to these peripherals when the computer is powered off, eliminating the "energy vampires". Same holds true for your TV vcr/stereo/dvd player/cable-satellite receiver.

These types of peripherals consume power to light LED's and detect remote commands even when you are not using them.

I insulated my attic the first winter that I owned my house. It was a lot of work, cost about $500, and was worth every penny. I doubled the insulation that was in the attic, as well as extending soffit extenders (the previous insulation when right up to the soffits and there were only a few that weren't blocked.

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