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November 12, 2007


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I'm fortunate in that I bought a new house about three years ago so everything is energy efficient (at least it can't be too far behind in only three years). I have a washable air filter, which I clean about every two months, varying a bit on usage. I'm not sure if the washable filters are an option for all units or how much they cost since it came with ours, but that is definitely a cost saver too.

Everyone should do their own calculations. My utility spending is around $750 a year, only a portion of which is actually heating and cooling. I had to replace mine due to age and function but it would never make sense for me due to energy efficiency.

That's really swell that you hope to sell the house to some person and duck out just before the furnace craps out. It would be even better if you could manage to do that in Feb.

Anon --

As I'm sure you know, the age of all systems, appliances, etc. is reflected in the selling price.

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