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November 11, 2007


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Thank you for posting this! As someone who has come into a little extra money this year, all of my thoughts have been about how my wife and I want to spend it or how we want to pay off debt. What we NEED to do is come before the Lord and ask Him how we should be using it. It may be that He wants us to pay off debt or allow us to use it to buy something we need, but we need to ask first and this post reminded me of that. Again, thanks for posting it!

We had a great series at North Point Comm. Church entitled "How to Be Rich" in August of this year. The messages can be found (audio and video) at the church's website,, and clicking "Message Library." Scroll down to August 19 for the first in the series. While off topic, I also highly recommend the 9/16 and 9/23 messages by Louie Giglio.

We have a couple of the larger "prosperity" churches in Atlanta (you know, the ones where members are falsely "promised" wealth by their pastors who have several houses, Bentleys, and have deemed themselves annointed by God and thus unaccountable). They have made the news lately since Congress wants to check their books. It is a good time to recognize that God has never promised riches, or good health. Seeking God is the key, and if we are blessed with some wealth, the joy will come with handling it wisely.

Handling money wisely is always a joy for my wife and I. When we put down on paper every month how we are going to spend what God has given us. The hardest lesson is to realize the money isn't yours in the first place.

I like this post. This is the truth. I am a big spender. So start up to think how to get some money from banks. (Not robbing!) I have put your link in my blog. Could you add my blog in your list? Thanks.

Excellent post!

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