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November 19, 2007


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FMF - I don't know if you saw my comment on a post last week, but just an update on my card as well...We charged about $2,300 on the card last month, which was higher than normal, but my total cash back earned was right around $34. I recomputed it using my old primary card, Citibank Platinum Dividend's rules, and the cash back would have only been $27. I earned a full $7, or 26% more with the Chase card.

Unfortunately I didn't get the $50 or $100 bonus since I already had a Chase card and just upgraded it.

All of our charges went to the proper bonus categories, as well. I was afraid they would promise all the bonus money, but then not categorize them correctly, but it appears it really works.

Kevin --

I did see that. GREAT news!!!!!

Most mailings are setup a couple of months in advance, so you may get some more. Most of them have the bonus only if it's your first card, so good luck!

I already had a chase card from a couple years ago that gave me 5% on gas, groceries and drug stores, and 1% everything else. (I dont know if they still have this 5% card out) Anyways, I also applied for the Chase Freedom and got it. It also came with the $50 first purchase. So now I have 2 Chase cards, and so far, the percentages are the same (original card 5% for the items and Freedom with 3% top spendings) - I plan to use my other expenses on the Freedom to get 3% instead of the 1% I would get with the other card

Armel --

You must be grandfathered in to an earlier offer as I haven't seen any Chase 5% cash cards.

Glad to hear that Meijer counts as grocery! This month will be my first Chase Freedom Statement so I wasn't sure. I tend to do grocery shopping at Meijer, now I might do some Christmas shopping there too.

I like our Freedom Card, but there have been a lot of mix-ups with mailings. My wife recieved two cards and one had her maiden name on the front. The second card had the same number on it, so for a week, an activated credit card was floating around the post office.

Armel - I had the same deal with Citibank - 5% on gas, groceries and pharmacies, but they switched it last year to 2%, much to my disappointment. I asked to remain in the original program but they refused, so now they have lost my business to Chase. It actually worked out pretty well for me though since Chase has 12 additional categories to earn bonus rewards.

I have the same 5% card that Armel was describing. And had the same thoughts that he did - why not get both and really rake in the cash? Reading details on how they categorize, though, I wonder how some of our other big monthly bills will break out? For example, how does Walmart categorize purchases? Do they qualify for the 3%, or are they considered a discount store that is not eligible for the extra 2 points? My wife spends a fair amount there on the monthly trip, so it would be nice if it rated!

OK, so I guess I'm a dope! I see my question was answered in the post itself. Walmart came back as a 1% purchase. Too bad!

FMF-- Yea, I don't think the 5% offer from chase is around anymore...

Kevin-- wow, citibank dropped your to 2%? I hope my original chase card stays at 5% ... I hope they dont drop it since they know I have the Freedom card now lol

Brian-- Yea, its hard to tell which stores or what is categorized in the Freedom. I wish they would label or put a mark on the accepted purchases in the statements

Damn, I wish I could have gotten the $100 offer! I'm still waiting for my $50 check...

I charged $2311 my first month and received $35 cashback -

I have Chase Visa and Chase Master both are Cash Freedom, both have identical benefits, including 3% back up to $600 each for a a total of $1200. Master only has additonally 0% interest on purchases until May, 2008.

Not to throw this off-topic, but since this is the current rebate thread, there's a special bonus rebate out there for Discover cardholders: 5% on grocery purchases during the month of December.

But, as usual, there's a limit to purchases ($200) and you need to sign up at

Also for Discover cardholders: Spend $200 at a participating mall/shopping center by 12/31, get a $20 gift card.

Can anyone tell me at what point the Chase Freedom Card pays the cash rewards? After how many points, or so many months, or is it subtracted from your balance each month (or do they send a check)? Is it automatic or do you have to request it? If you have to request, how is that done?


Bruce --

You can redeem your rewards after you earn $50, but if you wait (until $200, I believe) you get an extra $50 as a bonus.

I have the Chase Freedom visa card to and I love it. I have put all my other cards away and use just this one. The limit on this one is low since I just opened it but I hope that with all the purchases I make on and it and paying it off in full they will increase my limit too. I am close to the $50 payout but I want to make myself wait for the $200 so I can get the $50 bonus.

I just got my first statement from Freedom card and could not figure out how charges were classified. No classifications/categories listed on statement or on my on line statement. It gave me the full 3% for $600 of charges in three listed categories, but no indication of what charges were in what categories. Any one know where to find the categories?

What about Walmart neighborhood markets which only sell grocery items? Has anyone received 5% cash back on purchases from these stores?

Just like lulu posted above I can't find anything in my statement or on the website that shows how my purchases are classified.

Where do you find this info??

Brandon --

What purchases are you concerned with specifically?

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