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November 20, 2007


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New credit also takes a toll? If you have zero positives, how on earth can you improve your credit score WITHOUT obtaining new credit?

i only check credit score once per year at most, more like every two. although, I get the three free credit reports per year and look at the history to make sure that nothing erroneous/fraudulent is being posted to my credit.

Credit card balance is a debt even if you pay it off (debt during the grace period in that case)!

Why not go to MyFico? Get a 30-day free trial.

New credit and credit applications make you take credit hits, but they drop off after you've had it for a bit.

I just ordered a Washington Mutual card (in August) because they offer free access to my FICO score and a 1% rebate. It is great to be able to log on anytime and get my FICO score for free. They update the score monthly.

I've had a Providian (now WaMu) card for about 6 years and have always known my FICO. I highly suggest a WaMu card, if not for just the simple reason of getting a monthly FICO score.

PS-- Mine has been 812 for 3 months :)

Not only Equifax sells your FICO score. I go onto annualcreditreport.cmo each year and get all 3 of my credits reports free and I pay no more than $8 for each of the credit bureaus FICO scores.

Your credit score impacts if you can be approved for loans and at what interest...

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