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November 04, 2007


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Definitely a very true statement. For me, the best understanding of wisdom=wealth (but not wealth=wisdom), comes from one person - Warren Buffett. He's not just wise about the money, but whenever you read his opinions on any subject you can definitely sense...well, wisdom. :) So, I think he's the best person to exemplify that wisdom generates wealth (if the wise person seeks wealth).

Warren Buffet is a great investor, but his comments on taxes are almost always unwise. Doesn't make sense. He just stated that he wants the Bush admin to pass legistlation that will cause him to pay more taxes. Why doesn't he just give the money away - or write more check to the IRS? anyway. . . getting off topic. . .

Great post FMF, the only thing that I might be able to add is that usually when the Bible speaks about wisdom and riches, it is refering to godly wisdom and treasure in heaven. Godly wisdom values self-sacrifice, committment to morality over gain, and a life focused on service - these attitudes are wise, but mght not result in earthly riches.

Christ said, "Lay up your treasure in heaven. For where your treasure is, there is your heart also."

did you see this article in the washington post about people who play the credit card rewards game? one couple had up to 20 credit cards for rewards...

@Creative investor
I agree that Warren is one of the better know examples of a man living with wisdom - He advice is almost always simple and boring, maybe that is why it is often good advice.

I think you are misunderstanding Warren's advice on taxes - I think Warren is actually being very wise by making the statements about legislation to make him pay more taxes. The reason he is advocating the legislation you mention is for the benefit of the country as a whole - He isn't just looking out for his benefit -

Wisdom may not buy riches, but it certainly commands respect.

I think that wise man would not care whether he is rich or not. The fact that you are worrying about being rich (or getting rich by beefing up on wisdom) is a dead giveaway that you are not there yet. It is just as when they ask Stephen Hawking "what is your IQ?" and he says, "I have no idea. People who are worried about their IQs are losers."

People who are actually "there" have different goals I think. It is not the material things that they prise.

Elena --

I truly am sorry for whatever has happened in your life to leave you so hard and bitter. Since every comment you leave here is negative, maybe you would be better off visiting another site where you appreciate what's being said, huh?

FMF - People can only say what you want them to say???

----That was not my comment (the one above). I always sign my comments. ---

No, FMF, thank you for the offer, but I actually enjoy reading your thoughts on the subject (otherwise I would not spend time reading them) and commenting on them. Sometims things get so bubble-gum tasting here with your Sunday portions of philosophical Sweet-n-Low that I feel like throwing in a few thoughts of my own (not that they may be any better - just different). However, if you would LIKE to keep my opinions out of your blob, then please feel free to tell me, I am a polite enough person to comply with such requests. You are not the first person with whom I disagreed publically and who wanted me out of the conversation. I always comply. I am dissending, but not rude.

By the way, my last comment was not negative, it was neuretal. If you disagree with it, state wich part you disagree with, rather then starting with "you always..." or "you never..." type of attacks. But, of course, I guess you won't bother. That would probably solicit further disagreement and challenges to your opinions and we can't have those, can we?

Did I say that?

Seems to me that if she's always dissatisfied with this site, it seems logical for her to move on. Why go back to a site again and again that you disagree with?

But I give her this, at least she's willing to leave her name when she comments.

Elena --

1. My comment above was to the person who didn't leave his/her name.

2. Maybe I was wrong. If you can point to a comment that's not negative that you've made on this blog (and the one above was -- it's basically calling me unwise for writing about getting rich), I'll certainly take back my "every" and add an "almost" to the front of it.

3. Even when you try to be nice, you can't help but be sarcasitc, can you? That's exactly what I mean.

4. I do not disagree with your right to disagree. I disagree with your tone, which is often highly negative.

5. If you're only here to be negative, then why bother? From what I can see, all of your comments have been on my Sunday posts (no comments on the other 30 posts a week I write), so it appears to me that you have an agenda. Having an agenda is fine with me (I think we all have them), but having one on my blog is not ok with me. Your own blog would be a suitable place for that, I think.


I would like to correct one thing: I am not "always dissatisfied with this site," I am actually reading some selected topics, like morgage, debt, retirement.. most of the time I either agree with you or do not know enough to make my own opinion.


I am sarcastic because I sometimes can't get over the great irony of some of our conversations.

I will remember to comment on your other posts so you would see that I am actually reading.

I do have an agenda - I personally don't believe that what you are writing about charity and generosity. And my agenda is to challenge you to argue with me about it.

"I personally don't believe that what you are writing about charity and generosity."

What exactly don't you believe about these things?


Unfortunately, I have to run right now, I will respond later, possibly tomorrow or within the next few days.

Elena --

Here's something else to consider -- how about writing a guest post here telling how you disagree with me? That way, instead of complaining/disagreeing, you can say what you believe in/advocate and let others chime in from there.


I don't mind. How would I do that?

Elena --

Write out the piece in a Word or notepad document (or even an email if you prefer). Then email it to me (see my email addresses here: ) and I'll slot it into one of my Sunday posts.

I will certainly take that opportunity, but maybe closer to the weekend, when I have more time.

And thank you for letting me do that, by the way.

I fully agree that wisdom is more valuable than money since even during the Biblical times when King Solomon prayed and was asked by God Himself as to what is that one thing that he wishes in life and it will be granted to him and he said: " Lord God there is only one thing that I wish in this life and that is you grant me the wisdom to rule my people." This is in adherence that even King Solomon despite his vast wealth and fortunes would rather opt to have wisdom on how to wisely rule his people and his kingdoms since as such his power will last longer and his wealth will grow beyond his imagination. This reminds me also of a Christian prayer when it says: " Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things that I can change, the courage to accept the things that I cannot and the wisdom to know the difference." In the Philippines they always advocate to the wisdom that: "An honest Centavo is worth than a stolen Peso." This is true indeed, in life, career, the faith of the nation rest on the wisdom that we possess. The good wisdom that one carries is more precious not only in terms of money but even more precious than gold, pearls and the blue diamonds of Africa. Wisdom is so important because it lays the foundation of every person. If we have the wisdom, money becomes secondary in life.

In addendum I would like to quote the wisdom of President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America and it happens that he is also one of the Presidents of the U.S.A. that I dearly appreciate and idolize when he said: " If I were to try to read much less answer all the attacks made on me this shop might as well be closed for any other business, I will do the best I can, the very best I know how, if the end brings me out alright what is said against me won't amount to anything, if the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference."

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