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December 14, 2007


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It is not worth the extra expense. If you shop around there are still gas stations that give air for free. Even if it isn't free 50 or 75 cents is not even close to the costs of refilling with nitrogen.

about a year ago, i started getting nitrogen in an old-model mercedes. previously, we ran the car for years, putting air-filled $60 continental tires on it. then, about a year ago, we started putting nitrogen in the same tires and the life of the tire was increased significantly. despite what the experts say, i keep close records on my car and it has worked for me.

i am a believer. especially for softer tires.

If the place where I buy my tires has it for free I'd take it but if I have to pay then I don't think it is worth it. I'll take my "normal" air with with 78% Nitrogen.

@ Scott

Hah. I just realized that most people probably think Air means Oxygen. I know it just hit me that I was being a retard and defaulting to thinking Oxygen vs. Nitrogen. 78% Nitrogen for sure. Makes it less worth it since you are paying for that extra 22% Nitrogen.

To me, it's worth having the stylish green valve stem caps that they install when they use nitrogen. :-)

What you are forgeting is that that 22% of oxygen is what breaks down the tire over time. Just like rust does to exposed metal. The extra nitrogen can make your tires last 20 to 30% longer. Yes the gas savings might be small but the tires saving are not. I have a car that has nitrogen in the tires for 4 years now they have over 60,000 miles on them and still have no cracks on the sidewalls and about 5/16 left. Plus NASCAR uses nitrogen so it must be good, HA HA.

benefits are better pressure retention,increased fuel economy, improved handling, enhanced safety and reliability, and extended tire life. the national highway traffic administration says 50-70 deaths and 10,000 injuries occur each year due to under-inflated learn more about nitrogen go to

I recently changed to nitrogen in my tires. I drive 80 miles a day just to and from work, at average speeds of 70 mph. Used to get about 26 mpg. I'm now up to 32 mpg! I can only attribute that to the nitrogen - it's the only thing that's changed. And, with gas prices at $3.73 today, I'll welcome any savings I can get.

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