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December 18, 2007


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I admittedly bought myself a gift this year. I picked up a Garmin GPS unit for my car. Worse, I already opened it and started playing with it.

I travel quite a bit and convinced myself that it will pay for itself in no time, considering the amount of time I spend driving around lost.

I don't usually buy myself anything until after the holidays. This year, though, I couldn't wait and bought myself a pennywhistle (and song book). Also, my family relies pretty heavily on my Amazon wishlist for gifts, which seems to be just a small step removed from the situation between you and your wife.

My usual Christmas gift is the same gadget for my father and my brothers. I get one for myself as well.

Yes, after 2+ years of waiting and watching prices fall, we finally made the leap and bought a flat-screen HDTV. I bought it online on Thanksgiving Day and got a great deal. I saved enough that I even upgraded to the HD receiver from DirecTV, after talking them way down in price and getting their HD channels free for 12 months. I got both items for less than I budgeted for the TV alone. That helped convince the wife too!

Yes, isn't that part of the holiday shopping season - "one for them, one for me"?

If you are looking to buy something (like Kevin with the HDTV) this is really a good time to do it because these are usually the best deals of the year.

I went all out for myself this year. I bought myself my first laptop ever. I love it and use it all the time. I consider this more of a christmas bonus since I never got one.

I kept looking at laptop deals. I "almost" bought one for myself many times this holiday season. I have never had a laptop and I always wanted one.

Maybe one day I will get myself a christmas present of some sort.

I'm on the fence about buying myself a gift this year. It depends on how the christmas shopping goes and if I have anything left over. It's nice to sometimes spend a little money on yourself. It would be interesting to see what those people purchased (how much of that 69% was items that were needed vs wanted?)

I am not a shopper except before Christmas. When I start going out shopping for presents I always find clothes or gadgets I have never seen before seen before. So often I am buying for myself as well as for my family.

I'm kind of hard to buy for because I don't generally want anything, and when I do, it's something fairly specific like a "BigCo Widget model 4215AFC not 4215A!" instead of a widget, and it's hard to trust people to get that right. :)

I do many times buy things for myself as I am shopping for gifts...especially CD's and movies that are on sale. I also buy myself an official gift for birthday and Christmas, but this year I bought a laptop for my birthday and I'm still paying on that so no official christmas gift....although I did buy concert tickets for my sister and maybe I did kinda get myself a gift.


I don't think I've ever bought myself a gift. I can see buying for someone to give to you, but I haven't done it.

Christmas is not as huge in my family, due to my multi religious household. I guess it's not surprising that I don't buy myself anything at Christmas.

Like Robert I am super specific on things that I want to purchase, as such I let me family buy me random gifts like sweaters and I stick to buying myself the things that I really want for my birthday and Christmas.

My wife and I tend to pick our own presents and we often get them long in advance of Christmas. For example, I got a new iMac a couple of months ago. My wife tends to pick tools or house stuff and she typically enjoys the items when they're bought.

Generally, the present to ourselves is a significant purchase but not huge. For instance, my laptop was four years old and on it's last legs, so I needed a new computer. I essentially used my Christmas present to upgrade to the bigger monitor instead of simply going with "good enough."

I haven't but I need to get a bunch of stuff in the sales, so that can be my Christmas present.

I do buy some things for myself during the holiday season, but not as a "present". They're the same sort of smallish things I'd buy for myself any time of the year - books, CDs, video games.

Not to say it happens often, but it does happen.

I just bought an Xbox 360 and a 2003 Mercedes ML320 for my self this Christmas. Gave up a couple of toys to get these so it "almost" balances out...Life is too short

I haven't bought anything for myself yet but I plan to do so. I paid off the remainder of my credit card debt this year so I am taking $200 from my bonus and spending it on something for myself.

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