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December 19, 2007


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Ha! It's 5 for $5.95 here in St. Louis.

5 for $5.95 here in Indy too. Recently, I've found Arby's to be one of the more expensive fast-food places to eat at. Get a couple of their toasted sandwich combos and you're pushing more that $15.

Did you make a change to your blog recently? Why do I have to have Javascript turned on to post a comment now?

Subscriber here. Did Arby's pay you to write this? That pay for post stuff creeps me out.

Arby's is expenseive but the 5 for $5.95 deal is usually available in some form. This is the only way that I will consider them due to the amazing price difference with the other fast food joints.

Ok, maybe it was a better deal than I thought -- maybe I paid $5.95. ;-)

Jeremy -- I don't make those sorts of changes, Typepad manages them. Not sure what they've done recently.

Aside from the 5 for $5.95, pretty much everything else at Arby's is ungodly expensive. I like it better than the others, but it bugs me to pay so much more.

Arby's has great coupons too - monthly I get buy a drink/fries and get a free sandwich ($3.50 for a meal) or combo meals for $4. That's almost half price!

Skeptical --

No, no one from Arby's paid me to write this. Can't someone have a good experience and write about it? Heaven knows I blast companies when they don't get it right -- seems like I should praise those when I see something I like as well.

I think McD's also offers apple slices and milk with their kids' meals. I know they did for a wihle, and I assume they still do.

At any rate, I love fast food, which is why I avoid eating there--extra calories and extra money are just not worth it unless I have to.

This was even a better deal when it used to be 5 for $5 a couple years ago. Still a great deal for lots of bad-for-you food. Wish they had a 5 for $5 healthy-meal-deal too.

All I can think of is the scene in the Simpsons where the kids are stranded on a desert island and one of the twin girls declares, "I'm so hungry I could eat at Arby's," to horrified gasps from her classmates.

@thisisbeth - yes, they do still offer apple slices and milk with kids' meals. In fact, on the rare occasions I eat at McD's, I order a Mighty Kids' meal - chicken nuggets with milk and apple slices. It's not a great meal, but it's better than anything else I can get there. They will tend to forget the apple slices and give fries, though, so I always double check the order before pulling away from the window!

Tracee --

Funny you should say that. Last night, they gave my daughter fries instead of the fruit cup. We realized it when we got to our table and I took the fries back. The manager told us to keep them and gave us the fruit cup as well. So my son had double fries. ;-)

Chick-Fil-A has had a fruit cup on the menu for quite a long time. McD's has both the fruit & yogurt parfait, as well as the fruit & walnut salad. However, both used to be a bigger size, but were downsized to get in the $1-$2 price point - likely to encourage more people to order that in lieu of fries, but still upsell by 25cents or so. The old fruit & walnut salad was in a nice sized bowl for about $3.50.

I think the best fast-healthy stuff available is at WaWa. Grapes, cheese & crackers in a container, fruit cups, etc. I'll be stopping at a WaWa on my way up to the MidAtlantic!

You should have got the cherry turnover. Awesome!

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