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December 06, 2007


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I also applied for a Chase Freedom card (in a response to a mailer) and got the card. That same day, I got an offer with a far better interest rate (but only a $50 bonus, compared to the $100 bonus from the first one). I would much rather have the 0% interest rate card than the high interest one I already have...I called yesterday to request the second card, and they said they couldnt give me 2 of the same card.

Do you just do it and see what happens? I guess bringing it to their attention was probably a dumb idea.
I also was a bit annoyed because I got the 0% offer later, and I called to ask if I could just get that interest rate, and they said no.

So, just try it and see what happens, I guess...

Started reading your posts about cash back cards. Do you know of any good cash back Mastercard cards? The only reason I ask is that Amex isn't accepted at Sam's Club, where we shop mostly. Discover is, but I've found so many places that don't accept Discover, it's not funny.

Thanks in advance!

Stephanie --

Yep, I thought bringing it up might be a red flag, so I didn't.

Glen --

Sorry, I don't.


Earlier this week I changed an existing Chase card into a Freedom card hoping to be able to get 3% on six categories (with the 2 cards) similar to what you've described here. They approved the switch, no problem. Now how long until they catch on to the double rewards? Please be sure to update whether or not this plan is successful for you.


Any one know how to find out what category each purchase is in? It is not on my statement paper or on line.

Amanda --

I sure will!

thanks for the info. about the freedom card. I sent in an application for a $50 cash back. If you have move than one card, how do you retire it?? tear it up?? we pay off the bal. each month so the 2% cash back would work for us. appreciate the information.

Jimbo --

You can either cancel the card and cut it up or you can put it away where it will never be used (such as in a lockbox.)

Does anyone use the citi aadvantage card to get airline miles instead of money back? This costs me $85 a year but I get one mile for every dollar spent. If I purchase online I can sometimes get an additional 5 miles per each dollar spent from the store I select. Also gets miles for any of my business or other travel. This makes it easy to get one or more airline tickets in a year anywhere in the US for $85. This may not beat potential 5% back from Blue AMEX card but it is easier and more convenient. Also, being the cheapskate that I am, i probably wouldn't otherwise be inclined to schedule the vacation but now I am because I have a ticket paid for. Thoughts?

Just sent off for a freedom card with a $50 bonus and checked the mail and received a $100 bonus invitation from them. I sent that off today,so I hope that both will get accepted by them. will let you know

As an update, I got approved for the second card. Now my only problem is that half of my purchases (mostly copays and grocery store purchases) are listed as "Other". How can I get the charges correctly recognized?

Stephanie --

Medical expenses won't be eligible for the 3%, so there's nothing you can do there.

As for your grocery store, it all depends on the code the store is set up under in the credit card system. For instance, if you shop at a superstore, it could be classified as a grocery store (you'd get the 3%) or a mass merchant store (you wouldn't get the 3%.) The best way to find out for sure (I called Chase to ask) is to make test charges like I discuss here:

You could also call Chase and have them look at specific charges and explain why you didn't get the 3%.

Now if you're saying the store's code has it as a grocery store and you're not getting the proper credit, that's worthy of a call to Chase -- ask them to correct it.

I've received several offers for the Freedom Visa, but have only applied once. In the fine print it says the $100 or $50 (depending on the mailing) bonus after the first purchase is only for new account holders. Is there any chance that if you get more than one card and redeem more than one bonus, they will debit you later, and at a high interest rate?

Slacker --

I think they would more likely simply deny the second card -- but they haven't with me. In fact, I just received ANOTHER $100 offer in the mail.

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