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December 26, 2007


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One of my subjective tests is if it's advertised on commercial TV. I don't want my donation "wasted" on heart-wrenching advertisements featuring one of the "kids I could sponsor for 47 cents a day." I want the money actually going to the kids and not being spent on the film crew, the location crew, the actors, the producers, the ad execs, the network execs, etc.

Why not invest in art? You get the satisfaction and pleasure of living with something you may feel is interesting or beautiful; and it's possible that if you choose the right artist, you may eventually own a work of art that has appreciated in value! Possibly appreciated exponentially! The art market is on fire, it's so hot. It is replacing the stock market as an investment tool for many. At least, if you buy a work of art that you love, it's yours to enjoy for the rest of your life.... and it might well prove to be a better investment than stocks or bonds.

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