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December 11, 2007


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You admit you continued to use it while it was broken, and while doing so, it got worse. Who exactly are we supposed to feel sorry for? Is it beyond belief that your continued use caused the equipment to become even more broken? Smart Sears on this one. You knew it was broken, instead of replacing it, you broke it more.

Romulus --

I used it while it was bad, but it wasn't broken. If it was broken, how could I have used it at all?

BTW, I never asked anyone to feel sorry for me.

Take the money and use it towards buying a real elliptical. Unfortunately, they start at about $2K and go up from there, if you want one that lasts more than a couple of months.

After a lot of research, we bought a Lifefitness X9 elliptical three years ago. It has had one service, which was covered under the warranty, but otherwise has done well with 6 uses per week (three each by me and my wife). We also go for long walks/hikes twice per week. It cost $3K, but it was worth it.

My impression is that a lot of home fitness gear is designed with the assumption that you either weigh 120 pounds or will use it for a week and use it for a clothes hanger forever after.

In the world of ellipticals, there's Lifefitness, Precor, and everyone else...

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