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December 12, 2007


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My hubby went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting recently and came home with the business card of a local "personal concierge." I blogged about it, tongue-in-cheek. I've got an ongoing list of REALLY disgusting jobs around the house, which--if I could pay someone to do them--I'd love to be relieved of. Then I could do the nice neat job of completing scrapbooks without interruption! :) Or picking up my own dry cleaning. Please.

At least the clown gig doesn't have the connotation of "you're too lazy to do what?!?" Most of the other stuff seems more like people who have too much money and little idea how to spend it. OTOH, if you are just made of money but your time is too short, maybe it's not such a bad deal.

It makes me a little sad that someone's life could be *that* busy. My goal is always to work less and have more time to "do life".

The specific mention of organizing a bag of insurance forms and medical bills tickled me. I do that every now and then for my girlfriend but foolishly haven't gotten paid for it.

In one case, I called the hospital to set up a payment plan for the $1,500 portion of her surgery that was not covered by insurance and they simply wrote it off on the spot without my even asking. So such a service can have excellent value.

Also, I've heard of services that will audit your medical bills for redundant or overcharged items in return for a portion of the money reclaimed. A thrifty person with just a little knowledge of medical business issues can do well at this.

I do think the handling of someone else's insurance "stuff" is a wonderful and valuable service. When my girlfriend's husband sustained a traumatic brain injury and was totally disabled until he died three years later, she needed tons of help. She was NOT able to handle the reams of paperwork regarding his claims, and it was something I could do for her. I can see patients and their families being more than happy to pay the big bucks to have this burden taken from them!

You know, this is simply a personal servant under a new name. The idea has been around for thousands of years, but slavery is illegal now and people demand higher pay. It's a lot like being a nanny. Still not a bad idea if the employer isn't an ass!

It's not a matter of laziness or being too busy in a bad way. Some people, primarily self-employed people, make more money when they are working, not whien they are scrubbing toilets. I would love to do little projects around my house, like organizing pictures my pics into a scrapbook or mounting them in cute frames, but quite frankly, I suck at organizing anything and it would take me 10 times as long to get it done. In the time it takes to clean my house, do laundry, cook dinner, etc., I could be meeting with clients, which I LOVE to do. If one can afford to hire a "lifestyle coach" (I prefer the term "personal assistant"), then why not have one? Nevermind that such an expense would be a write-off for me. I'd pay a minimal cost to keep my life in order. And in my free time (which is, thankfully, plentiful), I'm not worrying about running errands or paying my bills: I can actually enjoy my time off.

Money (like electric current)only flows in the direction of problem solvers- people who make life easy or easier(as the case my be) for others.Lifestyle management or whatever you choose to call it is a good source of income.If you are good at planning, organising,coordinating,directing and managing resources,you can make a good lifestyle manager.I have coached several individuals who do this excellently & profitable.

Like Ryuko mentioned... the idea has been around for a while, nothing new under the sun.

You find a lot of solo business owners need this type of services, the elderly and disababled could also have a better quality of life if they could have the necessary help to do these sort of basic things.

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