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December 17, 2007


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6: VHS over DVD: Am*zon has many VHS movies for $.01 + $3.50 to ship. I got a bunch of great kiddie-brainy videos that his grubby little hands can't scratch.

Why don't just check your local libraries. You've already paid for those (your tax at work) anyway.

I fear that the Jedis have really been sensing the suffering in our vegetable garden lately. However, we have been good at saving water on the lawn thus maintaining it in a lighter shade of green albeit still (barely) alive compared to the 1 hour a day watering cycle it was on when we moved in.

The only thing I suggest when renting a DVD from the library is to look at the disk before you check it out. I have gotten too many majorly scratched videos, that I am leary of renting from a library. Just my experience...I know a number people who do it though and say they've had few problems.

# 1 Sometimes bulk purchases will save you a lot. Sometimes not. So true. Just because there's a great deal on bananas or soap at the warehouse club doesn't mean the soda is also a good deal. Seems like the supermarket always has a sale on one brand of soda or another, so you can spend less there. (Added bonus: you don't need to take home and store 8 liters of Sprite.)

auto work: are you bleeding the brakes too? I dislike that job so much, I'm willing to pay a shop to do it.

WWWTTTFFF!!! Burn another DVD?? no way that is fucking stupid, think about the savings i could have put into my retirement cheapos

"auto work: are you bleeding the brakes too? I dislike that job so much, I'm willing to pay a shop to do it."

Loosening 4 wheels: 3 minutes.
Jacking the car on 4 corner: 4 jackstands, 1 hydraulic jack and 7 minutes.
Brake fluid: $4
3/8" ID tube: $0.4/ft
Having your SO pumping the brake pedal: a promise for a romantic night
Bleeding all 4 wheels: a wrench and 30 minutes.

Not paying $200 for mechanics: a priceless $195 in the bank and a romantic night with your SO.

The rain water tip looks great to me, esp after seeing it's use on the Living with Ed show on HGTV.

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