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December 12, 2007


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If I were you I would just drag this thing to the curb and call it a day. You only paid $400. The time you spent trying to resolve this issue is hardly worth it. Nor is the frustration you must have everytime you use it. Drag it to the curb and cut your losses.


Hang in there. See this thing through to the end. I am interested in the elliptical saga. Hopefully, things will ultimately work out in your favor....if that's possible.

Are they only giving you this deal because you know someone who could pull strings? Pity the poor soul who doesn't have the connections.

Ha! If that was the case, I would have had this settled a long time ago.

That said, the person who led to the person who fixed it all through this blog. Without it, I probably wouldn't have made any progress.

i had a sears tech ask me, "what is the difference between sears and the titanic" then he replied, "the titanic had a band" even the people at sears know their doomed.

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