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December 19, 2007


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That would be great if my company had a place to shower...

I wish my employer had the setup to allow me to ride my bike. I live 1.5 miles from work, but there is no safe place to stash a bike near or in the office. And I agree on the Nov to March sentiment - even in Illinois it is just not feasible during those months.

I tried that out this past summer. It was great. I rode just about every day between May and August - I live in Mi too, so winter is not an option to me. My commute was only about 5 miles each way, but I still felt the benefits in my my wallet, body, and mind. There was definitely something satisfying about bike commuting that goes beyond the obvious benefits.

I used to bike to work. However, beastlike has a great point about the shower. After a good ride to work, you WILL sweat -- even in cooler weather. Not exactly the professional image that you want to project.

i don't know why anyone drives to work. it's such a nutbag thing to do.

you don't get THAT sweaty - and anyway it's the good honest, odorless of physical exertion... rather than the stinky, vinegary, desperate stench of car-commuting.

"I used to bike to work. However, beastlike has a great point about the shower. After a good ride to work, you WILL sweat -- even in cooler weather. Not exactly the professional image that you want to project."

... but being 20kg overweight IS the image you want to project???

Who said anything about being 20kg overweight? I thought I read the comments carefully and I certainly didn't see anything about that. Mmmm.

I used to ride to work when I lived closer. Now I live 19 miles away and the only direct route is by Interstate, so I do not ride to work. I do ride my bike to the grocery store on the weekends, though.

I, too, live in Michigan, so winter is not feasible.

I don't own a car and stay but a 20-minute walk away from work. It's a bit hilly at one stage and I love gaining weight -- in my wallet.

However, I hate having to breathe in the emission from older vehicles especially the buses.

I've actually seen studies that show that it is more environmentally friendly to drive a car to work than to bike due to the inefficiencies of the human body and the extra shower.

Susan: I don't think a quick wash-off-the-sweat shower is equivalent to a gallon (or even a half-gallon) of gasoline.

I meant to add: I started a new job in November that's only 10 miles from my house, no highway travel necessary. I'm looking forward to biking to work once or twice every week next summer. It's the only non-weekend biking I can make time for.

I'm only 4 miles from work, in a very bike-friendly town. Still I only ride 5-10 times each year. Every year I commit to riding more, but it's such a hassle - packing extra for the shower, helmet hair, chilly mornings and afternoon thunder/rain. But I sure could do without a few pounds I carry around...

@ Susan: Depending on how far away you work, you probably don't need to take an extra shower. A change of clothes and a quick wash of the face is more than enough. But maybe thats just me...

I only live a mile from work, but I almost never drive unless I have to go somewhere else after work. I ride my bike in nice weather and walk when it's icy/snowy, since I feel less likely to slip if I'm walking. As for the shower issue, unless you're biking a serious distance and not giving yourself enough time to do it (ie, you're biking as fast and hard as you can) you probably don't need a shower when you get there. I carry a brush in my bag to fix helmet hair when I get to work. On one occasion I ran 5 miles to a park and ride to catch a bus to the airport, and I took a travel pack of wet wipes with me. Three minutes in the airport bathroom with the wet wipes and a change of clothes and I was smelling fine again. No shower needed.

I live about 3.5 miles away from work but I'd have to bicycle on either a highway or busy, busy roads to get there. Even if I didn't live in the snow belt, I don't think this is a safe thing to do even in the summer. Add on to the fact that I'm 6 months pregnant and will be bringing my son to the daycare at work once maternity leave is over (do they even make infant biking helmets?!?).

I guess I'm sick of environmentalists (of which I hope that I am one) pestering me to bicycle or goeverywhere I go when they ignore the fact that it is nearly impossible to go even short distances without a car due to the set up of most suburban areas of our country. If I lived in Manhattan, I'd be walking miles!

Gosh, I live 14.5 miles away and I guess one time per week is doable. I just need to get off my behind and do it! I keep telling myself I will...I just need to find one less excuse.

I live in Michigan and will be biking to work in the next few weeks when there is less snow on the ground. It is 19 miles each way (using local roads). Of course I am a nut: I mountain bike in the winter. It is important for anyone considering biking to work that they take precautions such as having a helmet, wearing reflective/bright clothing (even in the day time), also consider bike lights (xenon or LED) because reflectors dont always work, helmet or handlebar mirrors, bring spare tubes, pump and a cell phone. The health benefits will be huge of course and the financial incentive will help in decreasing the pain of paying $40-$50 dollars to fill your tank. I must admit I am fortunate in having a shower at work and a safe place to put my bike. However, if you have a short commute unless you are peddling like Lance Armstrong you can usually dry off, use wet naps,deodorant,a fresh shirt and you will probably smell better than half the people at work. Happy Trails!

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