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December 12, 2007


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It looks fun... I'm sure your kids do love it. I'd have a hard time keeping the husband off, myself!

Wow, count me in on that contest. That thing looks pretty amazing.

Sounds like a great chair for my 12 year old son. He always takes over the couch!

Me me please!!! I'd love to have one of those! AND I read FMF regularly :)

I'd be happy to "take a seat"! Looks really versatile...

I'd be happy to "take a seat"! Looks really versatile...

Neato! I bet my kids will love it!

FMF, thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

$129 isn't bad for an "upper end" bean bag chair. Check these guys out for a comparison:

It's been ages since I used a bean bag chair. I'll take a seat.

Great site with interesting topics.

This may be a Christmas present even if I don't win it. What do you get someone that's hard to buy for....maybe a Sumo Omni.

Free beats $129 any day!

Sure, I will take a Sumo Omni seat. :)

I'd be happy to try the Sumo out.

It would fit perfectly in our Den, would love to have one.

All you had to mention was that it's a gamers chair!!

Thanks again for a great giveaway!

Oooh pick me! Pick me! Oooh Oooh Oooh *waves hand in air frantically*

Hmmm...seems like a tool for frugality to me. Reading up on personal finance lately, frugality and saving up are common advice for successful personal finance. This bean bag's multiple use is perfect for frugal investment in furniture! For a soon to be college grad like me who will also very soon move out and venture the world, I think it'll serve nicely as a sofa, chair, and bed in my future living quarters. If I ever do get one I'll name it "The Beans to be Lean" ;)

I would love to win this one! My kids don't play video games yet, but their mother does!

I would love on!

Looks comfy!

Might as well put my name in. Those chairs look great.

We just donated our glider (the risk of danger to little hands and feet was just too great) so we could definitely use a new chair!

You know, I remember when I was young and we had a bean bag chair, I was desperate to know what was inside of of course I opened it and promptly dumped it on the garage floor.

We found those little beads for YEARS. YEARS!

It was totally worth it, though.

Nice chair - something to consider!

Please throw my name in the hat! That is a little pricey, but I wouldn't mind giving it a shot.

Sounds like something I'd like to try for free!

Awesome chair, I'd like to have one of those! Thanks!

cool. maybe i'll win a free sumo omni!

My xbox just got the "three rings of death" but I'm sure I could find another use besides video gaming for this awesome piece of lounge furniture!

Great! Another give away. I love these!

Looks like a great product. My pregnant wife probably won't find much pleasure with climbing in and out of it but that leaves more Sumo Omni time for me!! ;)

I want one! Thanks for the Contest!

I would love this. I've been wanting one forever but it doesn't quite fit into my budget yet.... and have i mentioned that winning this would be a bright spark in the middle of a very dull and dreary week of exams.... :P

Wow. I'd love a seat like that! (And I'd make the kids use the chair and I'll use the Sumo Omni!)

That looks comfortable....good present for my wife.

I live in a small 300 sq ft studio and this looks like it would be the perfect piece of extra comfy furniture without being a big space hog.

Thanks for the idea!

Not having any furniture, this sounds fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway

Looks like a great chair. We're having to scale down our living room furniture since we moved to a smaller house, and something like this looks perfect.

This would be a great gift for my 5 and 3 year old. Thanks for the opportunity!

This looks like it would make an excellent addition to my hodge podge living room as well! Thanks for the contest.

comfy chairs make comfy homes.

It looks very useful!! Thanks for the review and the change to try it for free.

That looks great! Thanks for the contest!

Beads beads the magical fruit, wait, that's not right.

Great blog, enjoy reading it! A Sumo Omni would just be a bonus.

I hope I win the chair!

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