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December 21, 2007


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Great to see this posted. I am relatively new to your blog but we share some common interests (Our Faith and our desire to be better stewards of our money). Keep it coming, can't hear the Christmas story enough :)

Merry Christmas! I think posting this is a wonderful idea. Thank you for keeping the real reason behind Christmas in mind.

this non financial post caused me to remove you from my bookmarks, never to return to your site

I too am happy to see this story posted. To know that at the root of Caesars decision to tax more money would set the stage for a prophecy to be fulfilled is awesome. Well done and Merry Christmas to all.

son't let the "nay-sayers" bother you... it is wonderful use of the site to spread the truth... and the connection between money and worship (be a good steward of your money... and worship Christ)

don't let the "nay-sayers" bother you... it is wonderful use of the site to spread the truth... and the connection between money and worship (be a good steward of your money... and worship Christ)

I don't get the people who are leaving because of the Christmas story posts. I'm not particularly religious myself, and I don't get much out of these posts. But these posts don't hurt the quality of your other posts, and it's so easy for me to just scroll past them in my feed reader for the great personal finance posts you publish. It's definitely the leavers' losses.

Also, what point are they trying to make by publicly declaring they're leaving? It's not like they're taking a stand to defend the separation of church and state. It's your blog: do what you want, and I for one will still be here.

That is a bit crazy, goodbye. So your rationale is because it was a non-financial post. You obviously like this site and have it bookmarked (since you are saying goodbye, and because you had to remove it from bookmarks), so there is obviously information and links that have helped you.

You say you are leaving because of a "non-financial post". If you only had financial blogs in your bookmarks and you used that criteria for removal (off topic posts) I believe you would have a much better organized favorites folder than I have (read that, a blank favorite's folder).

So that leads me to presume that the true reason you are leaving is because the Bible was quoted as appropriate to the season we are in. Now I am guessing that you either are an atheist (and a vehement one at that) or a believer in another faith from your leaving. I wholeheartedly respect your "beliefs" and your rights to them.

As a Christian I am called to have the same love for all people regardless of their faith or level of hostility towards me or my faith. But can you give a better reason and then explain your rationale for leaving? Your logic seems to be flawed and I am curious to know how you are thinking here because it is a bit funny to me.

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