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December 26, 2007


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Once more I try

That system looks really interesting for budgetphobes like myself.

Happy Holidays

This software is exactly what I need to get my finances straight again. I hope I win!

Hope I win.

one more time before vacation

It's like roulette, but I actually may have a chance to win :)

Hook me up!

One person reported YNAB imported Quicken data - will it import MS-MONEY as well? Send my free copy on!

It was the day after Christmas
And all through our dwelling
No one was saving
We were buying, not selling

Then out of the blue
The FMF blog
Stated "You Need A Budget"
Could rid our fiscal fog

So this day I ask
From the financially lost
For a free copy of YNAB
With none of the cost

Joe's entries continue.

Goal: Maximize opportunity to win a free copy of You Need a Budget.

Success Criteria: Enter every day until contests end or I win.

Progress: 12/12 possible entries (100%). 12/17 draws entered (70%)

Status: On track to complete on or before January 1 2008.

Boxing day special.

Here's hoping that I win today.

ok - trying in the correct place now

Please let me win.

Trying again...hoping that I win one of these days!

I can has?

I'd love to win, but I think Mizzou gets the nod for cleverness.

Maybe today is the day. Thanks!

trying !!

I need this to get my twenty-something kids straightened out and on the right track.

Put me in! Love to get that gift! Thanks for offering it!


Try, try again!

Looks good, hope I win.

today? yes? :)


Happy St. Stephen's Day to all!

Happy Boxing Day!

I hate to beg, but pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Please, FMF, don't turn me into the Dan Marino. I know I'm great, but I want to win the BIG ONE, as well!!

All joking aside, I'm gonna keep plugging and trying. Thanks for the generous gift chances!

Here's hoping!

FMF, would you like to give me a book?

Thaks for one more chance

I'm in!

Really could use this! Happy New Year!


Me me, pick me!! Over here! Yeah!

Trying again because I need a budget

Once again

Please, please, please....

i will try again!!!!!

Sweet deal.

I would love to try YNAB!

Again here we go hoping for the best!!!

I'm not nearly as creative as the first poster, but I'm posting nonetheless... My brain's shot after taking care of 70-some dogs today...

Trying my luck once again! good luck to all!

Another opportunity!

Is it really that good?

try, try again

Woo hoooooo!!!

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