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December 27, 2007


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I always wanted to be the sixth commenter!

I would love to win a copy of this book.

I always wanted to win something :)

Once more I try.

13/17 Completed.

I'm in again.

I really need a budget

Will today be my day?


I would put this to excellent use and teach my sons (21 and 17) to budget - Hooray!

Please, let this be the one...

Hoping hoping hoping

I know I will win this time!!!

An old Indian saying: many a person has been stuck in the spiral of 99 ... once they reach 99, and not sure of the count, start counting again from 1!

Throwing my name in the hat again...I'm working on my 2008 budget so this would be great timing if I won!!

Trying again.

Again Again!

Trying again. Good luck to all and happy new year!

Here's hoping that I win today.

This is my entry.

Here's hoping that I win today.

New game. With each entry I select a new religion and pray to their deity/prophet/G-d. On the day I win, I will convert. (Disclaimer: I probably won't really convert)

Using a random religion tool I found on Google, today's I will be..... Atheistic (ironic isn't it?)

We've used excel spreadsheets before, but they are so complicated. My husband is the financial guru for our extended family but we haven't found a good way to track money. We've looked at Quicken and MS Money but maybe YNAB is a good thing. Hopefully we'll see.

This budget software looks great, but what's even better is the simple and straightforward nature of this blog. I think I might even be able to get my wife on board with this one!
BTW - we love Moose Tracks ice cream. Our local video store/cafe sells it, and our kids order it every time.

Please let me win.

Please let me win.

Yes, please

I want a chance to win!

I'd like to try this! Great blog.


Consider my comment filed.

Kudos for the great work you're doing with this blog. Consider me a new fan. And thanks much for pointing out YNAB. Hadn't heard of it before. Seems like a great way to get a handle on *future* spending, which is where the likes of Quicken are so sorely lacking.

I'll probably plunk down for the Excel-based version (I'm on a Mac), but winning a free copy would be just so amazingly cool.


Im not worthy

I so need a budget.

maybe this time?

I would like to just try it! I hope I win!

Thanks for doing this.

I need a budget!

I am in definite need of a budget. I am working with 35k+ of school loans and about 15k of credit amassed during my first years at college when they were throwing credit cards at us left and right. I am a longtime reader, but this is my first comment. love this blog. Keep up the good work.

Another shot

WooHoo, another chance to nab YNAB!

Lead me down the path to redemption!

first time's a charm?

let's do this....

second time's a charm?

I need a budget bad.

first comment for me, trying to get out of college with as little debt as possible.

Trying again.

Oh please, oh please...let this be the one! :)

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