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December 30, 2007


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I NEED A BUDGET budget...will come...

16/17 entries completed.

I do need a budget - I'm using notepad right now. I will move up to Excel soon if I don't win.

Thanks for your generosity giving these away. :) - Leia

Hi; it's me again! :)

Thank you, here goes another shot.

What a good way to start a new year. Thanks!

I need a budget!

Happy New Year!

Me too!

me me!


Tossing my hat into the budget ring again!

Good luck to all!

|--> Mark

Thanks for the offer!

I'll try again. Thanks.

Eh, I'm happy with my spreadsheet anyways.

My entry.

Go go gadget budget!

My Entry :)

Spin, wheel, spin.

to saving money!

thank you

and again, thanks!

Trying again....

I need a budget. Would love to check it out!

I want to replace Excel

Another try... thanks!

I have read all the reviews for YNAB and I think it would really help me get my finances straight. I cannot afford it at this time. It would be great to win this. I will leave it in God's hands.

Happiness is... a copy of YNAB.

I SO need a budget :)

INAB. :)

Second to the last try?


show me the money...(the money I'll save if I win, YNAB!)

Show me the INAB!

another try...

found you in my quest for guidance re: my making serious financial changes in the new year...thanks for all the helpful info.

Thanks much...

Trying to again.

Why can't I leave a comment!!!???? UGH!!!

Oooo....Now I can :)

Pick me!!

Getting down to the wire!!

Getting down to the wire!!

Getting down to the wire!!

Happy new year!

Still hoping for the YNAB prize:-)

Trying again!

trying again


Trying again!

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