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December 31, 2007


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I know it will pay off

Last dance...
Last chance...
For a budget

Happy New Year!

Just found this site while looking for quicken vs. money and ynab looks to be easier than both! would like that for myself...


One last try!!!

I really need a budget :)

I have been reading here for quite some time, and just wanted to thank you for all the great posts, I have learned so much! Here's to a great 2008!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! I hope everyone has a great and prosperous new year! Good luck in '08!

happy new year!

Last Chance.... spin.....

Let's try one more time ; 0

Oooh, me, pick me ;)

0-for-15 is impossible. I am not A-Rod in the playoffs.

(Even if I have to buy it myself, thanks for helping 16 people out!)

I'd love to win!

Pick me!

Happy New Years! I would love to win though I would gladly give way to BertisMaximus with his wonderful A-Rod comment. So I am rooting for myself or Bertis :)

As always, keep up the great work!

last try for year :)

once more....

I have entered every day, and nothing. I feel lucky!!! Happy New Year's everyone. Stay safe!

Big bucks, no whammies, STOP!

I hope that someone else wins, and that all of the entrants have a really happy new year. Thanks for all of your work on the blog!

I'm all over it!

It's now or never!! Thanks for offering this.

One more time! Happy New Year!

One last try!

Happy New Year's everyone. Good luck with your goals!

Count me in! Happy New Year!

one more try. Best wishes for the new year to everyone !

happy new year, ya'll

Happy New Year

Last chance!

17/17 entries completed. 100%!

Goal reached sucessfully.

I have decided that finances will be my project for 2008. Sounds like YNAB is exactly what I need!

i really need a budget

Try, try again!!

One last time.

Wheeeee it's meeeee

Ring in 2008!

Trying again!

I work with a law enforcement credit union and this would really help me to assist them with debt counseling.
Thank you for the opportunity to win this.

Happy New Year

Another day, another try!

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year 2008!!!

Look forward to reading similar great financial info posts in 2008.

Happy new year!

thanks for the chances and for helping people get a budget!

Last chance here is hoping you pick me.

Thought I'd give this a whirl. And while I'm at it, thanks for all your work on this blog - I'm a newish reader and I love it. Happy new year to all!

Thanks for all the great, common sense advice on this site. It's a real treasure trove.

Here's one more try for YNAB.

Best wishes to all for a happy, safe, and prosperous 2008!!!

happy new year!

Sign me up please!

Happy New Year from Hawaii!

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