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December 18, 2007


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Entering once again, although I almost didn't look to see if I'd won yesterday.

You'll shoot your eye out!!!!!



I would like one. THanks.

I would like one. THanks.

Still trying.

I need a budget!


Yo necessito un presupuesto!

This would be neato.


My entry, again. :)

one more time!!!

I'll try again - thanks!

My entry.

We having been working to get our finances in order and become debt free. I just found out today that we are losing our health insurance so a good budget would be so helpful to stay ahead of the game.

I'll try

i will never give up.

This will help.

Hunter orange once again looking for the YNAB!!

I'd like a copy.

I'm definitely interested! I've been looking over many budgeting programs that might work in my family, since my wife and I have VERY different incomes, 'strategies' and goals. I don't know if YNAB is 'the' program for us (I don't know if there IS a program for us!), but the description sounds pretty good - at least as close as we can get.

I'd be curious how many people buy budgeting programs, only never to use them. I suspect a good number are hoping for some outside catalyst that will prod them into becoming financially responsible. It's like hoping that new pair of running shoes will turn us into exercise gurus, without having to actually do the work of exercise.

I hope I win!

Sign me up

Sign me up please.

Ship it here.

3rd Times the Charm!

Pick me....pretty please with sugar on top :)

Thanks for the chance again : )

I have been considering YNAB to get away from the old Excel junk we've put together at home! Thanks for offering this as a prize!

I would like to try it.

lets try it again

I need more than a budget but this would be a starting point!

My entry... thanks.

Come one betsy give, mama gotta live! I feel lucky!

Thanks for having this giveaway!

Hope I Win

I will try this!!!

Oh, please, please, please!! I'm a young, poor youth minister who really needs some extra help budgetting....if that doesn't get you, I'm also in grad can you deny a young, hard working, student and church worker??....okay I realize that you pick totally at random...but doesnt' hurt to plead and beg....right?????

Sign me up.

Just got married. Need the software to keep my wife from spending all my money!

Thank you!

Give it!

C'mon random number generator!!!

Here's my entry! Thanks!

Everyone is constantly harping on the awesomeness of this product. I'm almost willing to buy one based on that alone.

However, wishing, praying and hoping that I win one is much more fun.

If you pick me, we will be friends forever. Promise.



You have the best blog!

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