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December 20, 2007


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Yeee Ha! I'm thinking positive! Or rather positively, lest we forget about adverbs.

Lately I've gotten very good about tracking credit card and bank balances. Now I need to bring that new-found discipline home with YNAB!

Uju, another chance!!!! Thanks, J

Merry Christmas to all.

Just learned about YNAB - looks great!

Thanks! I like free stuff.

It's a sure thing, now.

Third time's the charm? :)

I think this is the time, this may be my lucky day!


isn't doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result a sign of insanity ?

Without this software I will not be able to track my finances and will have no idea about how much I have to spend. I will be forced to eat Spam and Ramen Noodles for fear of going broke.

Please, sir. No more Spam.

Count me in!!

I will give it another shot! Third time is a charm!

My entry... thanks for the contest!

I really need a copy please.

Pick me!

We all need a budget : ) Thanks for the chance again!


I can really use to win this. It has been a rough year and I want to start the new year right!

Trying again!!

Could today be my lucky day?

Yesiree! Please include me!


No way I'm giving up now!


Pick me! Pick me!

one more time

Another try.

lets go Bears!!!

I need You Need a Budget.

I am in!!!

Hook me up!

Maybe today will be my lucky day!

My entry for YNAB.

Sign me up.

I need a budget tool!

Hey... remember me? It's me again.

I'm in.

Count me in also

Daddy needs a budget for Christmas!

I've just got to keep at this, because this software would be the PERFECT xmas gift for me.

Try, try again.

Please pick me.

Please let me win!!

Try until I die.

thanks for opportunity!

Christmas a little early :-)

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