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December 22, 2007


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Please let me win!!

I would really love a copy of YNAB.

I would really appreciate the gesture of recieving a YNAB. It would help me to organize my finances and get back on the right track of responsible money management. Happy Holidays!

Would love a copy - you've inspired me to "force" the family on a budget next year!

Why not keep trying? Happy holidays all!

All I want for Christmas is my own free copy...of YNAB.

One more time...

This is a gift I could really use this year. Living on a fixed income can make life rather difficult at times. "Budget" is something that could take one worry out of my life.

I need the self control to follow a budget. However, a nice ready mande system would be helpful in getting started.

I'll try once more, and then again.

What a great gift this would be!

this sounds like its just what i need to get my budget in order
Happy holidays to everyone!

Persistence is key.

merry christmas and happy new year!!!!!

Great posts - thanks for the useful and thoughtful information. Oh yeah, I need a copy of YNAB.


I wish I may I wish I might....

One more time....Please let me win.

Sign me up please.

I would love another try :-)

I'd like to try for the YNAB. Thanks.

I would really love a copy of YNAB.

Have a holly jolly chance to win YNAB!

I'm trying to win again! Good luck to all!

Come on free stuff ;)


Thank you again.

Try again

My husband and I are trying to do a budget. This would be a great help to us.

Would love a copy. Thanks!

I try, try again

I'll try again... thanks:)

With any luck I will win....

Hoping to get on a budget for the New Year! Happy Holidays!

maybe this time?

I hope I win!!

Thank you.

Pick me..... its my birthday today!

I want one... :)

I'll try again. Merry Christmas!

I hope I win

I really need a copy of this.

will i win this time?

Giving it a shot...

I'm in - would love to read this.

".... and why is the floor all wet?"

one more time!!!!!

I need a budget. Thanks!


I really can use a copy. I hope I win.

Still trying.

I still want....

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