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December 15, 2007


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am i first? i have been debating this software for awhile as something better to use than quicken. thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!!!!

i've been looking at this software too! hope i win, great idea!!

I'm sure I should be familiar with this software, but I'm not. I'd love a chance to win!

I need a budget! Ok maybe I just need software to make my budget easier to deal with... Does that count?

This sounds exactly like what I have been looking for. I have a mess of info in a pile of different spreadsheets.

Need a budget planner. Thanks.

I think I really do need a budget, its either that or make more money.... maybe I should do both. Also, as a grad student, I'm a sucker for any kind of giveaway.

am i going to win

I'd like a shot at a cool budgeting software program!

This is my chance to win.

This would be a great program for me as this spring I'll be graduating my master's program and moving into the real world. Great way to jumpstart thinking about a budget for then.

My parents need a budget!!

I would love to check this software out. Thanks!

Please enter me in the contest and thanks again for another opportunity to win something.

Roll the dice.

Yay, another contest!

I would love to try out new budget software. Quicken is buggy.

Sweet deal. This looks like to will kick the pants off of MS Money.

Awesome opportunity. A nice project to chase away those post-Christmas blues. Thank you!

I would love a chance to win this great-looking product. Thank you for the opportunity!

Sounds so easy to use I hope I win.I need something easier than what,s avaiable.

Sounds so easy to use I hope I win.I need something easier than what,s available.

I want a free book yay!!!!

This is really awesome! Even if I don't win, I'll probably pick up a copy for myself, and one for my parents... their concept of budgeting is non-existant.

Woot! Another drawing. Thanks FMF!


Thanks for hosting this contest, FMF!

I was inspired by your story of paying your house off and hope to do the same in the next 2 years. YNAB would surely help me out with that. Thanks!

I love reading your blog. Thanks!

What a great way to boost your site's branding and expose the software to future buyers. Doing this at Christmas time is a strong plus since the program is not expensive and makes a wonderful gift. This is a quintessential free lessen on how to grow your net worth: make more money by doing things right!

try try try again...thanks for the chance..

It sure would be nice to understand what changes need to be make in order to retire.

Thanks!! I would love it!

I've not heard of this program before. I'm very interested in seeing it in action.

Love the blog! My wife maintains our budget, and this would be a nice tool to get her away from her elaborate paper system!

I have been in major financial trouble for over a year and I need something that will help me get back on track asap

I'd like to use it to replace my spreadsheet.

Looking over the site I'd be interested in checking it out...

I'd love to try this software out! And I love if the spam asking for money comment was deleted too lol

I've heard so many great things about YNAB! I'd love to try it!

This is the first I have heard about this product. Thanks for the information.



I'd love to win this. I've been debating for awhile whether to check it out. My google spreadsheet is tweaked for everything so far, I'd love to see what else can be done.

Thanks for doing this!

I want to enter the drawing

I own a copy of this, so I don't want to win a copy necessarily. I do want to put a plug in for the program though. My husband and I have been managing our finances jointly for almost six years. We tried Quicken and Money; neither helped us make/stick to a budget. YNAB has been working well for us for about 6 months now. Thanks to the program and "the rules" we're actually talking productively about our spending and making a budget we can stick to - even when life keeps throwing curve balls at us. If you don't win a copy I highly recommend buying one for yourself.

Thanks for this chance for people to get a hold of their finances!

If it's easier to understand than Money & Quicken I would like to try it for the new year. I currently use a journal(money journal) and pen to track my budget which only includes monthly expenses and nothing else.

i'd love a copy please!

I seriously Need a Budget. Thanks for giving me a chance to win.

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